Sizing chart

Size guide.png

Size Guide

Download the printable chart here.

Measure your child’s shoe size using this chart

Stand your child with one heel lining up to the black line at the bottom. Gently press down the top of your child’s foot and toes to make sure they are flat and not curled.

The first line that is above your child's longest toe indicates the correct size. Be sure to measure both feet as they may be different. Choose the size that corresponds with the longest foot. 

Measure your child’s foot size using ruler

Lay a ruler on the ground and have your child stand strait on it.

Be sure the back of their heel starts at the 0cm mark and see where their longest toe lands. Get the closest size larger then your childs foot.

Selection of the correct shoe size is solely the responsibility of the customer.
We take no responsibility if an incorrect choice of size is made when purchasing.

We don't recommend getting a pair 2 or 3 sizes larger, for your child to "grow into", as this can inhibit your child's ability to walk safely.